1. i dont feel cute n stuff but im comfortable when im  w my friends…… even if they are 32948 times more Cool & Pretty than me i feel…… nice…… 

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  4. watchog:

    if you think i seem thirsty for attention

    1. i am
  5. meet the blogger

    layer one: the outside

    • name: syo
    • eye color: grey
    • hair style/color: brown n always messy
    • height: 161 cm
    • clothing style: large and comfy 
    • best physical feature: eyes. also nose

    layer two: the inside

    • your fears: loud noises, men, people, betray, people, insects, being stared @
    • your guilty pleasure: i feel guilty abt eating or sleeping or everything so 
    • ambitions for the future: getting the fck outta here. living in a small apartment full of plants and with a bathtub + 16 cats n other pets. having a quiet job

    layer three: thoughts

    • your first thoughts waking up: ok im alive
    • what you think about most: self loathing + cats. shitty animes and my friends 2
    • what you think about before bed: shit its late
    • you think your best quality is: being quiet


    • single or group dates: dont care
    • to be loved or respected: both otherwise its shit boy
    • beauty or brains: nothing
    • dogs or cats: cats

    layer five: do you…

    • lie: only to protect myself + avoiding ppl 
    • believe in yourself: no
    • believe in love: uh„ idc
    • want someone: no

    layer six: ever…

    • been on stage: yes
    • done drugs: no
    • changed who you were to fit in: tried many times & failed

    layer seven: favourites

    • favorite color(s): bw + pale colors
    • favorite animal(s): cats birds jellyfish bunnies hedgehogs
    • favorite movie(s): no
    • favorite game(s): twewy, pokemon, tlou, vlr, ace attorney, .flow

    layer eight: age

    • day your next birthday will be: friday
    • how old will you be: 17
  6. track: Fxxk Boyz Get Money

    artist: FEMM


    Give me your number

    I’ll give that shit right back